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FEMA and Ida

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is a branch of Homeland Security that assists in recovery after natural disasters, and hurricane Ida is no exception. In this article we’ll go over some new updates regarding FEMA’s response and what it means for the Louisiana people.

It has been a little over a month since 150 mph winds ravaged the state of Louisiana with total estimated damages reaching $65 billion, but now recovery is starting to pick up. FEMA’s assistance for individuals can cover rental assistance, temporary housing, home repairs, personal property losses, and any disaster related needs that aren’t covered by insurance. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards recently asked FEMA to extend their application deadline, which they granted for 25 parishes, some notable ones include Orleans and Baton Rouge. People in these parishes now have till November 29th to apply for individual assistance.

On top of FEMA, the US Small Business Administration (SBA) has extended their time to apply for a disaster loan to November 29th as well. As of October 27th, federal disaster funds include $889 million in total financial help for individuals, $492 million of which is dedicated towards housing assistance. The SBA has also approved more than $816 million in loans.

We hope you found this information interesting about hurricane Ida. At AJS, we understand hurricane season can be a challenging part of the year, and we are committed to helping you and your properties. For any lifting, reconstruction, or building, give us a call today to schedule a free consultation!

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