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  • Michael Dattolico

Flying House

Considering moving your home? Right, not moving houses...but moving your house? I'm sure most homeowners who want to move their home would ideally like to picture their house like the one from the Disney movie "Up" where their house can be gently picked up by thousands of balloons, travel serenely, through the sky, and tucked in like a pillow on to its new location.

While real-life doesn't quite play out like a Disney movie, there are ways to move your home without the hassle. You will need a skilled contractor, and here at AJS, we are proud to be the premier go-to for home lifting, moving, and renovating. Serving the Tampa, Panhandle, South Florida, East Florida, and Texas area, we just finished projects such as moving the oldest home in Tampa. We are ready help you find a second home with the same house but different location!

At AJS, we're a team of dedicated professional who work with attention to detail and consideration to make sure every home we move is like moving our own. You can trust us to lift and transport your home safely. Whether you are moving due to weather issues, being in a flood zone, or simply prefer to live somewhere else, we got you covered!

While your house won't be lifted by a thousand balloons, we'll do our best to make the process Disney perfect so that you can continue to live your dream! Give us a call for a free consult and get to know our personable and friendly team!

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