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  • Michael Dattolico

Spring Cleaning Tips Part 1

Staying indoors more, you've probably done a once over of your home already, spent a significant amount of your time in front of Netflix, bounced between Facebook and Youtube more times that you have in the past year, and twiddle your thumbs to end the isolation routine. With more time on your hands, spring cleaning is the perfect distraction that is also productive! Having a clean space clears the mind and generally lowers anxiety. In these tough times, we can all use a little less of that. Additionally, you can get the kids involved! Here are some of our tips to make your home squeaky clean:

1. Use two doormats

Consider investing in two doormats - one for the inside and one for the outside. You will be able to capture more dirt and dust so that less of it make it into your home. Cleaning the doormats is simple and easy since they just require an occasional hose off or more consistent vacuuming.

2. Sink stink

It's hard to clean the garbage disposal meaning it can build up a funk. Grind up some lemon rinds in it to freshen it and your kitchen up!

3. Microwave stains

Use any leftover lemon slices and place them in a bowl of water with a splash of vinegar. Microwave this for about 15min. Doing this will loosen tough food stains and allow you to easily wipe them away so the interior doesn't look like a cafeteria food fight anymore.

We hope you enjoyed these tips. The AJS family is wishing you and your family safety and wellbeing during these uncertain times. Stay home and stay safe.

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