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In October of 2018, Hurricane Michael left more than 15 billion dollars in damage in its wake in the United States alone. 

From its birth to its inevitable Florida landfall, the high-end Category 4 hurricane had sustainable winds of 155 MPH and catastrophic storm surges up to 14ft.  


The widespread destruction resulted in many homes being flattened or completely swept away.

As the coast is continuously being rebuilt, new regulations and insurance requirements include raising homes to new heights and standards.

That's where we come in. AJS Building Moving & Leveling has committed to a new location in Panama City, on the ground in the heart of the destruction. 


With its full gamut of experience, technique and equipment, we are dedicated to house elevation and structure moving services including helical pile installation and foundation stabilization.

Read more about elevating before it's too late.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Michael Knapp, Director | 813.501.0099


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