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Historic Tampa is filled with hidden architectural gems and history.

From the birth of Tampa in 1521 as an small Indian fishing village to the railroad laying tracks in 1884 in  the height of the industrial revolution, Tampa Bay has always stood strong in it's history and legends.


In the roaring 20s, Downtown Tampa was finally recognized for its historic birth and started to restore some of its most popular original attractions to preserve the history.  This included sites that still exist today because of those efforts.

Even in the 21st century, Tampa is committed to restore these amazing historical properties against not just modern development but the elements.


AJS Building Moving & Leveling is committed to helping restore and preserve all historic properties in our great city.

EquiAlt purchased the oldest home in Tampa Bay, circa 1842. The company moved the home through the streets of Tampa to a historically protected site, where it will be renovated. The move of nearly 6 miles was the longest in Tampa history.


If you have a historic property and would like to learn how we can help with foundation repair, lifting, structure moving or renovation contact us today!

Check out our project gallery to see more.

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