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  • Michael Dattolico

Is Sarasota Hurricane-Proof?

As a Florida native, I've seen plenty of hurricanes come and go over the last couple of decades. And while we definitely had substantial rains and winds, we were never hit directly by a hurricane. Strangely but fortunately, they all changed their path last minute even though the meteorologists were sure our beach town will be in the line of fire. According to records, the last time Sarasota combated a direct shot was back in 1871. How is this beachy, retirement town avoiding the catastrophe that the Sunshine State is known for?

Historically, Native Americans settled the area due to its safety from storms and, according to local myths, it is because they know about magical crystals that lie under popular vacation beaches. Other myths explain that it is because of Native burial grounds that keep storms at bay. It goes without saying that while these theories are fun, they are not convincing.

So what does the science say? Well to sustain a hurricane you need warm water. This explains why hurricane season takes place in the late summer where there is plenty of damp heat. If you look just south of Sarasota, you will find Cuba. Being an island with much more elevation than Florida, it's mountains are able to inhibit the gathering of warm moisture that sustains hurricanes. Basically, Cuba provides not only very large cigars but also a very large shield that swerves hurricanes from hitting Sarasota.

As this hurricane season progresses and as the next seasons come along, perhaps Sarasota will be on your list of evacuation spots. Unfortunately, we all can't living in Sarasota, however, AJS will act as a shield for your home.

AJS is your building specialist for the Tampa, south Florida, and Panhandle areas and beyond! If you need help with structure moving and lifting, foundation repair, or commercial and residential construction, we are your people to do it. Being a Florida company, we understand Florida weather and our expertise can help you live in the Sunshine State with your sun always shining. Give us a call or visit our website for more information!

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