Surviving the Last Weeks of Hurricane Season
  • Michael Dattolico

Surviving the Last Weeks of Hurricane Season

The weather is finally cooling down! While we are rejoicing with pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween decorations, and more outdoor activities, we can also celebrate the home stretch of the 2019 hurricane season! With only 6 weeks left, we just have to keep a cautious eye as we gingerly step into holiday season from hurricane season.

The latter part of the season is typically less active. Some years, the season even ended early in the beginning of October even though hurricane season is typically considered to end on November 30th. However, there still a reason to be paying attention to the weather since on average there is at least one more storm after October 21st according to the National Hurricane Center. While they typically don't warrant evacuation, they can still cause minor flooding, which might cause an annoyance to you if your area floods easily or if you are near a body of water.

With just one more rain tantrum to go through, AJS is ready to be at your service. We are able to raise and level your home, business or establishment in one day so you are able to be storm-proof in a second and, right after the storm, be back at your normal life in another second.

It's the best way to be prepare in these last week especially if you want to keep your business running or stay in your comfortable home instead of worrying about water damage from a hotel room. For more information of leveling or moving your establishment, give us a call for a free quote and expert advice!


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