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  • Michael Dattolico

The Basilisk Underground

While you might not have mythical snacks crawling through your walls or under your house, you might have something equally as bad - water. Moisture is the number one cause of foundational issues in buildings and can be an extremely irritating process to deal with.

How does this happen you might ask? Moisture causes the soil to swell and shrink which will, with time, cause movement in your foundation and instability to your building or home.

What does it look like when your foundation is damaged? This can manifest in a variety of ways. Some of which we have listed below:

1. Bulging floors

2. Cracks in the floor

3. Uneven floors

4. Doors that don't close properly

5. Wall rotation

Damage such as this can devalue your property, create safety hazards, and damage to the overall structure of your home or building. The important point to take away from all of this is that you don't want to wait to get your damages repaired. This process is one that only worsens over time and waiting will cause your foundation to further sink and become more dilapidated. Seek help immediately!

Luckily, at AJS, this is our specialty. Serving Florida, Texas, and beyond, our expert team will repair any issues you have and prevent them from coming back. We want to make sure that your home and building will last as long as you want it to. Call us today or take a look at our photo gallery to see buildings we have helped in the past.

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