• Michael Dattolico

Amazing Architecture: Florida

When people think of Florida, they first things in their minds are most likely our warm sand beaches, the Miami energy, and so many oranges. However, what many people tend to overlook is some of the beautiful architecture right here in the sunshine state. In our Amazing Architecture series, we will take you around the gulf coast to explore some of the magnificent feats of creation, and today we will be starting with a couple of spots from our home state of Florida!

Futuro House: Located at Pensacola Beach, this home would sure look alien to most people! This house follows the aesthetic a stereotypical UFO you would see in any Sci-Fi show. Set a top another home, this house truly looks home to little green people from Mars wanting to check out the Florida beaches. This Futuro house was designed by world renowned Finnish architect Matti Suuronen and is 1 of 100 of these houses randomly placed throughout the United States.

The Dali Museum: Located in St. Petersburg, this art museum houses the largest collection of famous abstract artist Salvador Dali’s work in the US, however, you don’t need to go inside before the art begins. The building would otherwise be a standard grey concrete building, however, taking inspiration from Dali’s work, the building features a large glass structure that entangles the building, exiting and entering from wherever it pleases, giving the illusion that the glass is water flowing through the museum. This doesn’t stop once you get inside, there are a plethora of spiral staircases and oddly shaped rooms to make you feel as if you are a part of Dali’s abstract artistic visions.

We hope you can get the chance to visit any of these locations and stay tuned for more Amazing Architecture! If you feel in the need of moving your home or business, at AJR we specialize in moving and lifting your properties. Give us a call or visit our website today to speak with an expert!



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