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Amazing Architecture: Texas

Who doesn’t know about the famous lone star state? Texas is the second largest state in the US in both population and land mass; in fact, Texas is twice as big as Japan and 10% larger than France! With so much space and incredible minds in the state, it is no wonder they have plenty of amazing architecture to astonish both visitors and residents alike! In this iteration of Amazing Architecture, we will take you to two locations in the Lone Star State that show of its architectural prowess!

Perot Museum of Nature and Science- Located in Dallas, Texas, this building was designed by the Pritzker Prize winning architect Thom Mayne, he declared this building his love letter to science. This 14-story building’s concrete exterior is covered in a ribbed texture that makes it look climbable! The most striking detail would be the protruding glass lobby flying diagonally through the building, allowing those inside the gaze across the Dallas skyline. All this detail and rooftop greenery makes this museum a truly astounding feat of architecture.

The Alamo- Located in San Antonio, this building may not be the most visually stunning, but its history speaks volumes. This location was the site of a pivotal battle in the Texas Revolution between Texas and Mexico. Though the Texans lost brutally in this battle, the other generals took up the mantle and used the Alamo as a cry for remembrance. It is now a museum where the weight of its importance has never left.

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