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Amazing Architecture: Virginia

Virginia, one of the most influential states during the American revolution, with people like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson all calling Virginia their homes. In this iteration of Amazing Architecture, we’ll cover the state of Virginia and what it holds.

Monticello- located in Charlottesville, Monticello is the home and plantation of Thomas Jefferson that is a National Historic Landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The structure was designed by Jefferson, where he took inspiration from Italian Renaissance architecture and the name “Monticello” is Italian for “little mountain”. On the top of a mountain on this 5000 acre plantation showcases his home, a primarily brick building with a dome roof and two gardens on each side. With its history and incredible design, Monticello is a staple of Virginia.

Norfolk Pagoda- located in Norfolk, this pagoda was a gift to Virginia by the Taiwanese government. Gifted in 1989 as a commemoration to trade relations between Taiwan and Virginia, this Pagoda was built by Taiwanese artisans and used imported material from Taiwan as well, following traditional oriental architecture and style to construct this two story pagoda. With vibrant color, unique structure, as well as a garden and koi pond, this is a truly unique area of Virginia.

We hope you found these spots in Virginia interesting and give you something to check out if you’re ever in the area! At AJS, we are committed to serving the Tampa bay area and beyond. Call us to learn how moving or lifting can benefit you and your assets today!

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