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  • Michael Dattolico

Are You At Risk for a Flood?

As a state surrounded by water, it's no wonder that flooding is one of Florida's most common and hazardous natural disasters that residents should prepare for. This doesn't just apply to the yearly barrage of hurricanes our state endures but also the random thunderstorms that comes with living closer to the equator. While as a whole, our entire state at risk, there are areas in the state that are more at risk than others. Where do you fall?

In general, lower elevation areas with poor draining capabilities are more at risks for floods whether the reason for the flood is a storm surge, river flooring, or just heavy rainfall. To best map your risk, look at what bodies of water is close to you. This includes small rivers, creeks, and even small lakes. During Irma, the small lake in my backyard expanded in size over the night to almost reach my back porch even though the lake was about 200 feet away from me.

Looking at elevation is also important and while most of Florida is at sea level, some homes might be below sea level. A great go-to website is where you can enter your address and get our flood outlook!

If you are looking to prepare for the next flood season, the answer might be lifting your home or business. At AJS, we are a team of dedicated professional who work with attention to detail and consideration as we are helping you with your lifting, moving, or renovating. Give us a call for a free consult and get to know our personable and friendly team!

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