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  • Michael Dattolico

“Average” Hurricane Seasons are Changing

This year, the NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center (CPC) is redefining the “average” hurricane season based on more recent data to better represent what we have been seeing in the last couple of decades. As you might now, hurricane seasons have been busier with increasing number of storms. Between 1981-2010, the average season consisted of 12 named storms and 6 hurricanes with 3 major hurricanes. That was what was considered an average year up until now. For 2021, there is a new standard which was created from data from 1991-2020. The average hurricane season is expected to have 14 named storms and 7 hurricanes with 3 major hurricanes.

Going forward, the hurricane seasons we’ve seen in the last couple of years might be considered more normal whereas they were called above average during their time. With upcoming hurricane seasons, while they will be deemed average, they are in fact more intense that the ones we grew up with. Much of this change has been attributed to global warming and climate change and hurricane seasons might continue to become more proliferative in the future. What this means for us is focusing more on preparations that will need to be made in many hurricane states such as Florida. Safety always comes first especially since we know what time of year these natural disasters come at.

At AJS, we are committed to helping Tampa bay and beyond to move or level their assets to benefit them. Especially during this time of year, benefits can equal safety. Give us a call or visit our website today to schedule a free consultation and learn how moving can benefit you!

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