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  • Michael Dattolico

Flood Warning vs. Flood Watch

Sometimes information issued by the National Weather Service can be confusing and ambiguous. There are often watches/warnings being issued but what does that mean to us as the residents and what actions should we be taking in response to these alerts? Here we have broken it down so that you are prepared during the next potential flood.

1. Flood Advisory

This is issued where a flood may occur and while it might not cause significant damage, it will cause major inconvenience such as inaccessibility to major roads. Essentially, it's an order to be aware.

2. Flood Watch

A watch is issued when there are conditions that are favorable for a hazardous flood. It may or may not happen, although the chances of an adverse event are high enough to make sure you are prepared.

3. Flood Warning

A warning is broadcasted when a flood is already occurring or imminently coming. For people in the affected areas, it's the time to take action in terms of evacuation or another other actions recommended by the National Weather Service.

4. Flash Flood Warning

If you receive this, the immediate should be taken to reach higher ground as a flash flood is either already occurring or about to. Flash flood are dangerous because they can develop within hours and can happen in areas not receiving any rain.

Hopefully, this quick guide helped you understand messages from the National Weather Service better and in general help you prepare for floods.

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