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Historic Tampa

Tampa has undergone much development and change throughout the years and now is the 3rd largest city in Florida behind Jacksonville and Miami. Looking at the Tampa Bay now, it’s hard to imagine what it was like 100 or 200 years ago. Today there are still buildings showing off Tampa’s history and how far we’ve come. In this article, we’ll journey through some of these historic buildings throughout the Tampa Bay.

Floridian Palace Hotel- opened in 1926 by A.J. Simms, this hotel was the tallest building in the state of Florida when it opened! It has recently been renovated while keeping its old-world charm intact.

First National Bank Site- located at 414 Franklin Street, this is the oldest national bank in Florida, built in 1883 by Thomas Taliaferro.

St. Paul’s A.M.E. Church- this church is home to Tampa’s oldest African-American congregation in 1870 and is the mother church to multiple churches nearby.

The bungalow- the oldest home in Tampa, being built in 1842. This home has stayed strong and has held up for nearly 200 years, with the owners having a vision of preserving history and restoring it. At AJS, we relocated this home nearly 5 miles away, one of the longest in Tampa’s history, and it is now ready to be restored.

We hope you found this information educational and deepened your understanding the history of Tampa. At AJS, we have experience and are committed to helping restore and preserve historic properties in our home city, if you own a historic property, give us a call today to learn how we can help you with foundation repair and renovation!

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