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  • Michael Dattolico

History Going Underwater

According to the U.N report, global sea levels might rise over 3 feet by the end of 2100. While 3 feet does not seem significant in number it equates to hundreds of thousands of miles of costal land that will be submerged.This will not just include homes, establishments and businesses, it will also include historically important land that each us more about ourselves as humans every day.

Native Americans have been presiding in Florida for about 15,000 years, giving them plenty of time to leave a rich history which we can study now. Archaeological sites tell stories of how people in the past ate, celebrated their dead, housed themselves, and took care of each other. It is especially important since many of these groups of Native Americans have no living members today due to the violence they encountered when Europeans started to colonize North America. Since no one is present to speak their stories, the items they left behind do. Through these ancient sites, we can see when tool-making technology emerged and changes in the culture of their societies. At the end of the day, these sites are important because they are a part of our history that, while in the past, will teach us more about our present.

While we are working on preserving our indigenous history, we also need to protect our homes and businesses from increasing water levels. At AJS, we are a team of dedicated professional who work with attention to detail and consideration as we are helping you with your lifting, moving, or renovating. Give us a call for a free consult and get to know our personable and friendly team!

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