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How do they name a Hurricane?

Ever wondered about how a hurricane gets its name? From a practical stand point, names allow scientists and the public to tell the difference between storms since there are many instances where there are multiple storms simultaneously. The World Meteorological Organization comes up with a list of names in alphabetical order to label tropical storms as they emerge in the Atlantic Ocean. If these storms progress to hurricane status, they retained their tropical storm name.

Names can be reused after six years but the names of formidable and memorable storm are retired so that the storm can be referred to without confusion. Additionally, these names are retired in honor to the people who suffered losses during these storms. Examples of these names include Katrina, Matthew, Irma, and Maria. I'm sure many of us remember more than one of these deadly monsters. While there is a rare chance that the number of storms will surpass 21 (since letters Q, U, X, Y, and Z are excluded), Greek letters would be used as names (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc).

One fun fact is that the list of names are already released up to the year 2022. Some fun potential names include Henri (yes with an "i), Hermine, and Virginie. Wondering if your name will be used in the coming years? Or maybe if your name has already been used? A quick Google search will answer your questions!

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