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  • Michael Dattolico

How to Prepare Your Pets for a Hurricane

As hurricane season approaches, we often think about evacuation routes, disaster bags, and fortifying the house as the first steps in protecting our home and families. However, what about our fuzzy family members? There are special considerations that they need in order to be safe. Here are three important items to think about when considering your pet’s hurricane preparation:

1. Fear and anxiety – storms can be incredibly frightening to pets especially since we can’t explain to them what is going on. Working with your vet to come-up with anxiety/fear relieving solutions can go a long way in making your pet more comfortable through an especially bad storm. There are many methods of relieving anxiety from storm jackets, to pheromones, to anti-anxiety medications.

2. Medical records – It’s important to get your pet up to date on vaccinations such as rabies, distemper, Bordetella, and FVRCP (cat). In case you need to board them somewhere or find shelter for them, these vaccines are usually required and will also keep your pet safe in an environment where there are many pets in one location. This makes infectious disease more easily transmissible. Vaccines work to prevent spread. Make sure to have a physical copy of your pet’s vaccine history to give to these facilities.

3. Microchip – Many pets become separated from their families during the chaos of a storm. Having them microchipped and then registering that chip will help them make their way back to you in case you are separated from them. Without a microchip it can be very difficult to reunite families since many pets look like each other.

At AJS, we are committed to helping Tampa bay and beyond to move or level their assets to benefit them. Especially during this time of year, benefits can equal safety. Give us a call or visit our website today to schedule a free consultation and learn how moving can benefit you!

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