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  • Michael Dattolico

Hurricane History: Maria (2017)

In 2017, one of the most destructive hurricanes in the Atlantic wreaked havoc on the Caribbean islands, leaving many homes, particularly in Puerto Rico, in destruction. In this iteration of Hurricane History, we will be discussing the 2017 category 4 Hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Maria first formed near the Cape Verde Islands and rapidly intensified as it went through the Atlantic. On September 20th, it would make a direct impact on Puerto Rico with sustained winds of 155 mph. Puerto Rico’s power grid was almost completely destroyed leaving millions without electricity. Communication networks collapsed, isolating communities from aid and support. Clean water became scarce and left a humanitarian crisis in its wake.

Beyond Puerto Rico, Maria also inflicted significant damage to other Caribbean islands including Dominica and the Virgin Islands. In the aftermath, Hurricane Maria created over $100 billion in damages and led to calls for improvement in disaster preparedness and response systems. Exposed weaknesses in Puerto Rico’s power systems led to changes as the response and recovery efforts began. As communities continue to rebuild and recover, the impact of Maria remains as a reminder of the power of nature as well as human resilience in a time of crisis.

We hope you found this information about Hurricane Maria to be insightful on the power of hurricanes and how they can impact us. At AJS, we are committed to serving the Gulf Coast and beyond in moving, building, and leveling and we are here to help you and your properties. For lifting, construction, or moving, give us a call today to schedule a free consultation!

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