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Hurricane History: Michael

Hurricane Michael (2018) will go down in history as the first category 5 hurricane to make landfall since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. With winds up to 160 mph, it caused massive amount of damage estimated up to $25 billion dollars worth. Additionally, 16 lives were lost. What's interesting is that it's cat five designation was given almost a year after the storm in 2019. In 2018, it was believed to have been a cat four with winds at 155 mph. Regardless of technicalities, when Michael made its way to Mexico Beach in the Florida panhandle, disaster struck.

From aerial footage, you can see coasts in shambles and houses reduced to wreckage. More than 45,000 structures were damaged and more than 1,500 were destroyed. Even hospitals were not except from its rampage. Michael moved north from Florida to the Carolinas leaving a trail of mishap. Between four southern states, 32 storm related deaths were reported.

As Michael made landfall, it's destructive name was palpable and many people evacuated. In history there were only three other occasions when a category five hurricane made landfall. The first was the Labor Day Hurricane in 1935, Camille in 1969, and Andrew in 1992. Michael is a reminded that hurricanes must be monitored carefully and even the states that are accustomed to such storms are not immune to its damages.

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