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Hurricane History: Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is one of the most infamous hurricanes in US history, causing hundreds of fatalities and the 5th costliest hurricane in US history at $68.7 billion. In this iteration of Hurricane History, we will review the formation and effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Sandy began south of Jamaica and formed into a tropical storm on October 22nd, 2012. A couple days later, it had intensified into a category 1 hurricane where it made landfall on Jamaica with wind speeds of 85 mph. It progressed quickly into a category 3 hurricane as it hit Cuba, but its progression seemed to slow back to a tropical storm afterwards. It did however begin turning northwest, where it eventually made landfall near Brigantine, New Jersey as a category 1 hurricane. This would continue moving north until it dissipated 4 days later in Eastern Canada.

During its rampage, it deeply affected the northeast and nearly 10 states calling in a state of emergency. Because of Sandy, the New York Stock Exchange had closed for 2 consecutive days, the first time an event like this occurred because of the weather since 1888. In total from the Caribbians to Canada, Sandy was responsible for the deaths of 233 people and caused $68.7 billion in total damages.

We hope you found this information interesting in understanding Hurricane Sandy better. At AJS, we understand that hurricane season may be a stressful time, and we are here to help you and your properties. For any lifting, reconstruction, or moving needs, give us a call to schedule a free consultation today!

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