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  • Michael Dattolico

Hurricane Preparation: The Essentials

With all the perks of being a Floridian, there are a few downsides, one being the pain of hurricane season! With a few more months to go before it’s over, here’s a quick list of the essentials you absolutely need for this time of year.

Food and Water: It’s important to have at least a week’s supply of nonperishable food and bottled water for each member in your household. This also includes any special provisions needed for infants, elderly, and disabled members of the family.

Medicine and hygiene: first aid kits and any personal hygiene items must be kept stock. Be sure to also refresh yourself on how to utilize these kits in case any situation arises.

Plans: during this time, information is crucial. Making sure you know the shelters near you and have an evacuation plan ready. This can include gas in the car, a portable charger, and a radio. Having a bag with all your essentials ready to go will aid you greatly if the need to evacuate arises.

Entertainment: If the power and internet go out, it can get boring pretty quickly. Have a portable charger for your electronics along with a book and maybe some card games to play with family members. Make the best of it!

We hope you found this information informative in staying safe this hurricane season! At AJS, we are here to help you ensure the livelihood of your home and business. Give us a call today and see how lifting and moving can benefit you!

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