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Hurricane Recovery (Part One)

After every hurricane, whether big or small, the recovery process is a complex and lengthy process to return to normalcy and long term development. From the individual to the nation, in this first part, we will begin to discuss hurricane recovery processes and procedures for short term recovery and long term rebuilding.

Immediately following a hurricane, the first priority is the safety of individuals. This involves emergency services conducting search and rescue missions, as well as setting up emergency shelters and providing medical care. Depending on the scale of the damage, this can involve local, state, and federal agencies all collaborating on this goal. In the short term, ensuring essential services such as power, water, and transportation are the top priority. Many organizations and nonprofits contribute to this effort in maintaining stability.

Following this, people can take a better look at damage assessment and the extent of it across infrastructure and homes. Deciding where resources should be allocated leads directly into the long term rebuilding process. Rebuilding homes, schools, roads, and all other needs, this is often a time when building codes are updated to provide more resilience to future storms.

We hope you found this first part on hurricane recovery processes to be insightful in getting you prepared this hurricane season! At AJS, we are committed to serving the Gulf Coast and beyond in moving, building, and leveling and we are here to help you and your properties. For lifting, construction, or moving, give us a call today to schedule a free consultation!

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