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Hurricanes and Their Names

Katrina, Michael, Diane: what do these names share in common? They’re the names of hurricanes! In this article we will discuss the history of how Hurricanes get their names. Using short distinctive names for hurricanes is used to be able to communicate them in a clear way. When discussed over hundreds of army bases, stations, and sea ships using latitude-longitude coordinates can be cumbersome.

During the 18th to early 20th century, in the West Indies Hurricanes were named after the saints, in which the storm occurred on the respective Saint’s day. An example of this is Hurricane “San Felipe the First” and “San Felipe the Second” which occurred May 13 in 1827 and 1928. In the 19th Century, Australian meteorologists began using female names to identify storms. Thanks to the popularity of the Walt Disney film “Storm” based on the novel by George R. Stewart; the practice of using female names for storms became widespread amongst weather forecasters, and in the United States military. From 1953 until 1978 storms were given female names. In 1978 men and women names were used for Eastern North Pacific storms and in 1979 they were used for Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico storms.

We hope you found this information on the history of Hurricane naming informative and that you learned a fact or two! At AJS, we are committed to serving the Gulf Coast and beyond in moving, building, and leveling and we are here to help you and your properties. For lifting, construction, or moving, give us a call today to schedule a free consultation!

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