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  • Michael Dattolico

Mother’s Day Home Gifts

We all could use a little something to spice up our interior design, even little things like a different plate or table can completely change the vibe of the space. With Mother’s Day right around the corner for May 9th, maybe help give her a little interior design boost! If that sounds interesting, here are some simple gifts that can bring up your interior design style points.

Candles- not only do candles give every room they’re in a nice ambiance, they also can smell really nice! If your mother doesn’t have a particular scent she’s interested in, lavender, cotton, and vanilla are all very popular.

Succulents- Some studies show that by looking at green, it calms us down by resembling nature. Succulents offer a little life wherever you put them, whether they are true succulents or even artificial ones.

Art- From a specific painting to abstract, art offers a glimpse into the person living there and shows off some personality. This will allow you to get creative, thinking about what art expresses your mother the best, and to see what kind of reaction she will have when she finally sees it!

We hope you found this information inspiring and gave you a few ideas of what a new room can look like for you or your mom! At AJS, we proudly serve the Tampa Bay and beyond, helping people and businesses lift and move their properties. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation to learn how we can help you!

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