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  • Michael Dattolico

New Year New Look: Bedroom

Moving on to the room you might spend the most of your time in - the bedroom. Personally, I think this room should be kept simple since this is a room of rest and relaxation and an uncomplicated layout is easier on the eyes. However, there are few upgrades that can accentuate the simplicity.

The first is natural lighting. Having broad and large windows creates liveliness to your space by letting in the outdoors. Also integral for creating this kind of atmosphere is having spaced out windows. Having just one window might create strange shadows during some times of the day or might not be adequate in creating enough light depending on where you live and how much natural light your area gets.

Go along with natural lighting, why not be able to directly access the outdoors from your bedroom? Not only would having glass sliding doors be great for natural light but it would also add in a convenience factor. Many homes only have access to the backyard/pool area through the living room but by adding in another entrance saves time and effort traversing through your house when it can be easily accessible with some remodeling.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important characteristic of the bedroom for many, is the closet. This is an area where you have full customizable power since the closet space is so personal to not only your own taste but living situation. Do you share your closet with other people? Do you want your closet to be only for clothing display or would you also like for it to be efficient with storage? All these questions can lead you to decided how big you would like for your closet to be and how it's designed.

Looking for the perfect contractor to help you achieve the design of your dreams for your home in the new year? Look no further than AJS and our professional and knowledgeable team! Contact us to make an appointment or ask us anything you might have questions about.

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