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  • Michael Dattolico

New Year New Look: Dining Room

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Last in this series is the dining room. Depending on your lifestyle, the dining room arguably has be the greatest range of use. Some families barely use their dining room while for other's is the center of their lives and communities. A design that properly supports either function is important when you considering remodeling.

What can be a important point to consider if how open you would like for your dining room to be and how continuous (or discontinuous) you want it from the rest of your house. What this means is to what degree you want the dining room to be separate from the rest of the house. For example, having your dining room connected with your living room, essentially combining these two rooms into one, is a way you can maximize space. It opens up your home and gives you the versatility for more room which might be a good thing if you have a lot of energetic kids. But there is also an option to make the dining room more separate which might be nice if you use your dining more of a place for community such as frequent bible studies or having many guests over. And of course there are a great deal of in-between options where the walls of your home or additions of things like pillars can close off your dining room area without completely excluding it from the kitchen and living room area. With so many options, you can truly rethink form to fit your desired function.

Looking for the perfect contractor to help you achieve the design of your dreams for your home in the new year? Look no further than AJS and our professional and knowledgeable team! Contact us to make an appointment or ask us anything you might have questions about.

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