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  • Michael Dattolico

New year, new look: Kitchen

It's the turn of another decade marking a special beginning to this new year. Start your decade off with a bang by sprucing up your living space. In our new series, New Year New Look, we will delve into ways to not only making your home more attractive but also more efficient so you can conquer the 20's. In this blog, we will start off with the kitchen.

For some, this is the most important room in the house. It's where you start your days (coffee first of course) and is often the first place we wonder to when we come home from work or school (snacks!). Most home designs have their kitchens blend into the rest of the house making it's aesthetic appeal important to the look of the entire house.

Often times making the kitchen more spacious or seemingly more spacious will really open up your home and make it look larger and more sophisticated. Another aspect to consider when remodeling the kitchen is adding in more function than just cooking and food. With the busy lives most Americans live, the kitchen can also serve as a place to dine, entertain, and work. Considering adding in bar tables or an island with outlets in order to accomplish these goals.

No matter how you want to update your home, the most important thing is keeping your new investment safe. That's why AJS Moving & Leveling offers a wide range of services to help you stay clear of potential flooding disasters or get help repairing foundation damage.

Look no further than AJS and our professional and knowledgeable team! Contact us to make an appointment or ask us anything you might have questions about.

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