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  • Michael Dattolico

New Year New Look: Living Room

The living room is a unique area because it's not only for you and your family, but it's the area where you would entertain guests and have friends over. It's where game nights happen, where Superbowls unfold, and movie nights come to life. Accordingly, it should be designed to make it the ultimate chill center for you and anyone you want to invite over.

Perhaps the most important characteristic for a living room is space. Practically speaking, you need space to not only contain potential guests but to have the versatility for different activitiesthat you would want to do. Space is what allows the kids to build pillow forts, you to wrestle with your dog, and the entire family to compete for number one on the Wii. It gives you the option of decorating it with amazing furniture, but also giving you the ability to move furniture to the side if necessary to accommodate for the weekend activities.

To make this space possible, you might have to allocate some space from another room such as the dining room or kitchen by knocking down some walls and remodeling. Although there is effort involved, the reward is sure to be worth it because the busiest space in your house will be exactly catered to your family and lifestyle!

Looking for the perfect contractor to help you achieve the design of your dreams for your home in the new year? Look no further than AJS and our professional and knowledgeable team! Contact us to make an appointment or ask us anything you might have questions about.

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