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  • Michael Dattolico

New Year New Look: Office

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Your office space may be the only room in the house that is solely dedicated for yourself and it should be personalized accordingly. Because this room might be set aside for just yourself, you have full capacity to remodel it to your dreams and wishes!

While we touched on natural lighting in the previous articles, a way to spice this up in your office is reinventing the way you get this natural lighting for your office. This involves all sorts of fun ideas such as window placement, shape and size! You can consider a full length window that extends from the ceiling to the ground. Or, if you want to flood your room with light, to have multiple longer windows extended throughout all 2-3 walls of your room. Whatever fits with your vision and home layout, look into finding a way to increase the natural lighting your office as it will not only increase your productivity but also make your work more enjoyable as you grind away.

While your office space is a place for work, it's also a personal safe haven so adding in ways so you can relax in your office is important as well. A perfect way to do this is a bay window. With so much versatility, this is a location that can be used for gaming, reading, or just enjoying some no screen time with a cup of your favorite beverage. It's a great way to add a refuge away from the work piling up on your desk.

Looking for the perfect contractor to help you achieve the design of your dreams for your home in the new year? Look no further than AJS and our professional and knowledgeable team! Contact us to make an appointment or ask us anything you might have questions about.

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