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Plants and Art - Rejuvenating Your Home

Giving your home a new life can cause the death of your pocket. While larger, structural changes might be needed to implement the remodeling or expansion you crave, current times might not be the right time. But if you still crave that desire to freshen up your living area, do so by adding life in the form of plants and real artwork!

rooted is a online small business plant shop that ships free nationwide! They have everything from the popular fig trees and snake plants to more obscure plant species. To stay whimsical and give you more interior designing freedom, they even offer air plants which you can hang at the corners of your home. They even have section for low light friendly and pet friendly plants for those of us who live in more shaded areas and have non-discriminating mouths in the family. Rooted (

To shop artwork, we recommend looking into the work of Felicia Chiao. Felicia features simple prints that capture the small moments in life that pack big emotion. Her most recent pieces feature the in's and out's of sheltering in place. Take a look at her work and see if you resonate with it enough to feature her work on your walls. @FeliciaChiao | Linktree

For more major projects, AJS is your building specialist for the Tampa, south Florida,

Panhandle areas and beyond! If you need help with structure moving and lifting, foundation repair, or commercial and residential construction, we are your people to do it. We invite you to visit our project gallery to take a peek of past successful projects. Contact us today for a free consultation and see what the next steps are to enhancing your home!

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