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Post Laura

Hurricane Laura was one of the most unexpected and powerful hurricanes to come to us this hurricane season. Though it is now fizzling away, there is no doubt its impact will stay in people’s minds. As the recovery process begins, lets highlight Laura’s path and what there is still to do.

Laura reached the Louisiana and Texas border as a category 4 hurricane, the most powerful we’ve seen this year, it has since weakened to a category 2 and is expected to demote into a tropical storm as it passes Arkansas and fizzle out. Prior to landfall a mandatory evacuation was instated with the vast majority of the population participating. At landfall Laura had a sustained windspeed of 150 mph causing much property damage and currently 6 deaths. The power and water in the region is currently unavailable and is expected to continue that way for the next few weeks. At lake Charles there has been a chemical fire stemming from a biolab facility, a shelter has already been established but it is currently unknown if the fire was caused by the hurricane or not.

At AJR we have been serving the Texas region and beyond, we are hoping and praying for the victims of Hurricane Laura. If you believe your home is in danger of flooding, give us a call and learn how moving or lifting your property can protect you and your family!

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