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  • Michael Dattolico

Protecting Your Home During the Holidays - Security

As a lifting and modeling company in Florida and the southeast United States, we talk a lot about home protection and safety against flooding. However, in the winter months, there is very little need to lift or move your home for fear of natural disasters. However, especially during the holidays, your home might be a victim of another type of threat - burglary.

The holidays are special for all the time we spend with loved ones and what better way to serve that quality time up than with a side of gift giving. From relatively inexpensive gifts such as teddy bears, blankets and clothes to once in a decade gifts such as well crafted diamond jewelry, brand name watches, and smart TV's, our homes are filled with items we are keeping for ourselves and items that are soon to find a new home. We just don't want that new home to be somewhere other than where you intend those items to be.

As you are considering your home this coming holiday season, consider investing in a security system around your house. Use holiday deals to purchase cameras, update your locks, and install a smart doorbell to see exactly who is at your door. Put up "beware dog" signs even if you don't have a dog. Get a dog. Don't leave keys under your matt. Make sure to have a house sitter if you leave on extended vacations.

Your home is a special location especially in 2020. Make sure to protect it. When it comes summer next year, let AJS protect it. With our meticulous lifting and modeling process, we can preserve the essence of your home against the elements. Serving the Florida and southeast area, we are the most reliable company with friendly staff ready to answer your questions and to speak with you. Give us a call today!

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