Storm Warriors: Emergency Supplies and To-Go Pack
  • Michael Dattolico

Storm Warriors: Emergency Supplies and To-Go Pack

With some bad storms, there might be a good chance that you might be home-bound for awhile or there will be a storage of supplies as everyone tries to out-purchase their neighbor. For these reasons, it's a good idea to start thinking about an emergency supplies kit. Luckily the items on that list also corresponds with an emergency to-go pack in case you have to evacuate. Here are some suggested items for you to keep on hand:

1. Extra batteries

2. Candles or battery powered lamps

3. Matches/lighter

4. Prescription drugs (including pets!)

5. 3-5 days worth of drinking supplies to last the entire family (including pets)

6. Non-perishable meals and snacks

7. Pet food

8. First aid supplies

9. Flashlight

10. A portable NOAA weather radio

Here are some extra things to include in your to-go pack:

1. Clothing and blankets

2. Comfort items for children, pets, and yourself

3. Photographs

4. Medical records

Have these items packed now before hurricane season commences that way it's done and out of the way. If the occasion comes where you will need these items, you won't have to compete with the usual preparation frenzy. Educate the rest of the family where they can find these items/packs so everyone knows.

We hope these tips are helpful to you. At AJS, your family's safety is our family's utmost concern. If you feel like your home or business is in risk of flood, contact our knowledgeable team to see how lifting and moving can benefit you and your assets!


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