Storm Warriors: How to Make an Evacuation Plan (Part 2)
  • Michael Dattolico

Storm Warriors: How to Make an Evacuation Plan (Part 2)

In our previous article, we began a list of considerations to think about when constructing an evacuation plan. In this article, we will explore more of these since there is a lot to consider when making an evacuation plan. Hopefully, between these two articles, we can simplify the process for you, making this a more manageable task, especially since it's so important. Here are more tips to consider when creating your evacuation plan:

1. Create a "common meeting place".

If your family gets separated, having a common meeting place is a good idea in order for everyone to regroup without trying to read each other's minds. This can be at the shelter itself or somewhere in between.

2. Have an out-of-town person as your contact.

Whether family or friend, it's a good idea for someone out of the area to be a contact person for the entire family. In case the situation gets wild, it's good communication to have someone who won't be affected by the situation as a reliable source of contact.

3. Listen to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio or your local stat for evacuation routes, instructions, and updates. They will also mention when it is necessary to evacuate.

We hope these tips are helpful to you. At AJS, your family's safety is our family's utmost concern. If you feel like your home or business is in risk of flood, contact our knowledgeable team to see how lifting and moving can benefit you and your assets!


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