Storm Warriors: Insurance Policies for Rebuilding
  • Michael Dattolico

Storm Warriors: Insurance Policies for Rebuilding

It's tough thinking about the chance of having to rebuild your home after a terrible storm. However, living in Florida or near the Gulf, this prospect has a very tangible chance for reality. It's better to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Having an insurance policy that adequately covers the cost of rebuilding is crucial in the post-storm recovery period. The cost of rebuilding doesn't necessary correlate with the cost needed to rebuild even though many policies use this as a benchmark for how much they are willing to cover. Here is a list of items for your consideration to calculate the true monetary amount you will need to rebuild you home:

1. Local construction costs

2. Square footage of your home

3. Type of exterior wall construction

4. Style of your home

5. Number of rooms

6. Type of material for the walls and roof

7. Other structures on your property such as garages or sheds

8. Specialty features such as fireplaces or arched windows

9. Remodeling you have done to your home such as adding an extra room

It's definitely a lot to consider but it doesn't have to be done in one day. Allocate a couple of hours a week and split the work between family members if you can. Call your local real estate agent, builders association, and insurance agent for help and prices. You will be glad you did the work later.

We hope these tips are helpful to you. At AJS, your family's safety is our family's utmost concern. If you feel like your home or business is in risk of flood, contact our knowledgeable team to see how lifting and moving can benefit you and your assets!


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