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  • Michael Dattolico

Thanksgiving'fy Your Home!

It's that time of year! Right after Halloween, the stores and your social media pages immediate clears its collection of witch costumes and black cats in exchange for turkeys, Black Friday deals, and holiday recipes. You'll either love it or not or perhaps you love the season but dread the process of hosting people in your home. Or perhaps this year you lucked out on the draw of the straw and your only responsibility this year is to come up with a dish to bring to potluck to someone else's home. Either way, if you are hosting or just enjoying the process of making your home a little more holiday friendly, we have a couple of tips to make your home Thanksgiving friendly.

First off is scent. The holidays always has a signature scent that companies have been bottled up into candles and other products for purchase. While those are amazing, we recommend doing something a little different this year. Fill a pot with water and placed in items that you enjoy the smell of (orange rinds, cinnamon, lemons, spices, etc) and bring it to a boil and then bring the heat to low. The scent of your favorite items will be released from the hot water and into your home giving it a subtle coziness that is a bit more humble than a candle.

Stay tuned to our next blog for more tips and tricks! At AJS, we’ve been serving Tampa bay and beyond for over 40 years! With expert knowledge and friendly costumer service, we'd be happy to talk to you about your next home project. Give us a call today to learn more about how moving or lifting your home or business can benefit you!

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