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What to Do After a Hurricane to Make Sure You are Safe?

With the storm passed and your home hopefully safe and with minimal damage, are you and your family out of the danger zone? Possibly! There are some major areas to check on before the a-okay is given during the aftermath of a storm. Make sure to pay attention to these key items:

1. Power lines

Inspect power lines near you to make sure none of them are loose. If they are, they should be reported to 1-800-4-OUTAGE (1-800-468-8243). Make sure you do not approach the area to prevent electric shocks.

2. Ensure you water is safe

Officials will let residents know that the water is safe for drinking. Until then, use your back-up supply as the storm might have compromised the water systems rendering the water unsafe or unclean to drink.

3. Inspect your car immediately

If your car was parked outside, make sure you get an idea if any damages have happened. Take pictures to make sure you have the correct documents for insurance.

We hope these tips were helpful. At AJS, we are committed to helping the Tampa Bay area and beyond move or level their assets to benefit them as well as protecting your establishment from flooding. Especially during this time of year, safety is at the top of the list of everyone’s priority. Let us give you peace of mind that your home or business will be protected during hurricane season. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation and learn how moving can benefit you!

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