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  • Michael Dattolico

Move and Groove - Saving Your Historical Home

All homes have value but some carry the value of history. Being in the south, we carry a rich history of old families, their stories and their legacies. We are lucky to have pieces of their heritage sprinkled across the south and in Florida to remember that our land has seen more than just our modern technology and lives. Their presence reminds us of the foundation of the United States and the long road it took to bring us to where we are today.

Some historical homes and buildings are protected by the government but that does not mean they are immune to wear, tear, and damage. Storms and weather beat down on these old bricks just the same as new ones. While some of these houses have pressed through and remain steadfast, some are succumbing to the humidity and moisture. Others are not protected by the government making restoration more sparse, and their longevity is little more precarious.

Last year AJS served one such family by moving the oldest house in Tampa to a new home where it will be protected and safe by the government. If your historic home can use a new home whether it be due to weather or location, we would be glad to serve you and your slice of history. Meticulous and gentle, we will go through a well thought out plan to make sure you and your home make it to your safe location. Call us for a quote and our expert advice!

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