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  • Michael Dattolico

Happy Home: Lawn Care Part One

In home care, there is a lot of emphasis on the interior, from design to other parts to look out for, but it’s important to not forget the outside! In this first part iteration of Happy Home, we will cover lawn care, what to look out for and actions you can take.

First it's important to get to know your lawn. That means knowing your soil such as pH level. This can be done through various kits offered by agricultural agents. Then knowing what grass you have and what works best. If you live in northern areas, cool season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass work very well for the climate. Meanwhile in the south, bermudagrass is better for warmer climates. A soil test kit will also tell you how much nitrogen your lawn will need, which you should take into account when purchasing fertilizers.

When it comes to mowing the lawn, you don’t necessarily need to follow a specific schedule, but rather based on the height of the grass. The ideal height depends on the type of grass, but if you’re in the south and using bermudagrass for example, that one tends to be shorter.

We hope you found this first part of Happy Home regarding lawn care helpful! At AJS, we are committed to serving the Gulf Coast and beyond in moving, building, and leveling and we are here to help you and your properties. For lifting, construction, or moving, give us a call today to schedule a free consultation!

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