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How Make Your Home Hurricane-Proof

An important part of hurricane preparation is making sure your home is safe from the winds and rain. Securing your home and making it as hurricane proof as possible can be a grueling step but quite necessary as most people cannot move their home from place to place easily. Here are some points to consider in order to protect your home:

- Brace windows and areas that open into the interior. This can be done with hurricane shutters or wood. The inside of these structures can be braced with another layer of wood. If winds are forecasted to be especially strong, this last step should be more thoughtfully considered.

- Make sure to bring all loose items inside (lawn décor, garbage cans, toys, etc.). This includes anything that is tied down in an insecure way. Winds can pick these items up, and they can quickly become projectiles that can go through windows and doors causing damage.

- Reinforce garage doors. Professional services are usually more reliable in getting this done.

- Trim nearby trees and shrubs. Just like loose items, these can become projectiles or fall onto houses and cars.

We hope these tips were helpful. At AJS, we are committed to helping the Tampa Bay area and beyond move or level their assets to benefit them as well as protecting your establishment from flooding. Especially during this time of year, safety is at the top of the list of everyone’s priority. Let us give you peace of mind that your home or business will be protected during hurricane season. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation and learn how moving can benefit you!

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