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Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian recently ravaged through Florida and Cuba, hitting cities and towns that were not expecting it. There are many lessons from this most recent hurricane, and the impacts of it will be felt all the way into next year. In this article we will be discussing Hurricane Ian’s path and impacts.

This hurricane season has been fairly quiet, with Fiona hitting Puerto Rico being the most newsworthy storm. However, this did not last for long, with Ian quickly following Fiona. Forming in the Atlantic Ocean, the National Hurricane Center claimed that Ian originated from a tropical wave. It strengthened quickly and strongly, becoming a hurricane before it made landfall in the Cayman Islands. Then Cuba was affected, with the entire western most province of Cuba losing power, which includes more than 800,000 people.

Florida was next, and it took a route that some were not ready for. Instead of hitting Tampa, it went right for Fort Myers. Storm surge, strong wind damage, and extreme loss of homes and property has occurred all the way up to Jacksonville. This hurricane taught many to be prepared for anything, with extreme loss throughout the state.

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