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Moving/Lifting with Pets in Mind

You've done the thinking, the planning, and AJS is at your doorstep to lift or move your home. You feel excitement, maybe a little bit of anxiety. You wonder what your home will look like higher off the ground or in a new location. You look down at your fur friend and they stare back with wide eyes not at all in anticipation of your new chapter but wondering if there will be a home to return to after all this mess!

Moving and lifting is probably one of the best decisions you can make for the value of your property and the safety of you and your family, but it's hard to convince the fuzzy children of the house that the entire house trembling is a good thing. Here are a couple of tips from us to help relieve anxiety in your animals during the change:

1. Board your animals.

During moving day, leave your pets with a pet sitter or boarding facility. Preferably with someone they already know or a place they have gone to before so that there is familiarity. Once you are done with all of the logistics and cleaned up the place, you can take them back and reintroduce them to their home.

2. Anti-anxiety medications.

If you can't board your pet and you need to keep them close to you, anti-anxiety medications can go a long way in taking the edge off of the anxiety that comes with change. Many dogs and cats have anxiolytics on hand for things like fireworks or going to the vet. Simply bring in your pet to their regular clinic, explain to the vet your situation, and they can prescribe the right medication that is suitable for your fur baby.

3. Provide a lot of positive reinforcement.

Whether that is their favorite toy or food, doing things to brighten your pet's mood will show them that the change isn't scary. They will be more preoccupied with what's in front of them rather than concentrating on what's around them!

If you do feel that your home or business is in danger of being flooded it is important to take the necessary precautions right away! At AJS we have been helping raise and move people’s homes and businesses in Florida and beyond for over 40 years! Visit our website or give us a call to see how we can protect your home and business from the elements today!

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