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  • Michael Dattolico

The Rise of the Smart Home (Part Two)

In the previous iteration, we discussed the history of smart home devices and systems, going through over 30 years of progress and innovation. Now in 2020, 32% of American homes have at least one smart home device. Though home accessibility and customization is a large reason why many are interested in getting these systems, there are many more. In this second part, we will discuss why people install smart home systems and other features contributing to their rise.

The relative recent attention being given to the environment and each person’s individual carbon footprint. Many smart home devices allow people to monitor and control their energy usage, ideally limiting waste. This remote access also is helpful for other home monitoring, such as with security systems.

The largest key driver in the rise of smart homes is its rise in affordability and accessibility. While before it would be expensive and labor intensive to install, nowadays you can find simple systems for less than $100 which all they need is a wifi connection. All of this shows a growing desire for convenience and customization that people want for their homes. As these systems improve, there is no doubt they will be found in more homes in the future!

We hope you found this information on the rise of smart homes interesting and insightful on future home trends! At AJS, we are committed to serving the Gulf Coast and beyond in moving, building, and leveling and we are here to help you and your properties. For lifting, construction, or moving, give us a call today to schedule a free consultation!

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