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  • Michael Dattolico

What is Intuitive Interior Design?

Designing the interior of your home or office is so much more than just figuring out what looks good in a room. Interior design can be a deeply personal process of finding what you feel is right for yourself or the people the room is meant for. That is where the concept of intuitive interior design comes in, a subjective merging of interior design, psychology, and a little bit of spirituality to find what works best for you.

When designing your space, whether by yourself or with a designer, no matter what it is important to discuss the vibe you want from the room. New York based designer Elana Kilkenny was the one to coin the term, “intuitive” interior design, and its functions. While there is of course, psychology involved in design such as color, furniture placement affecting perceived space etc., Kilkenny describes her work as, “psychic” work in the way she aims for her client’s rooms to reflect not just themselves, but the energy of the space they are in.

There is a certain spiritual element to the philosophy that Kilkenny has in her work, but that is exactly what her clients are looking for. They can learn much about themselves from the way they have laid out their current space, which is what makes this form of interior design so, “intuitive”.

We hope you found this information educational about the different nuances of interior design. At AJS, we are dedicated to ensuring the best for your home and business. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation and learn how moving your assets can benefit you today!

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